Are you one of the many couples, who have had to either partially or completely alter your wedding & honeymoon plans?


We are currently in an unprecedented time where we are all trying to figure out what to do next.  Many of the decisions you are facing right now, are all dependent on things beyond your control, right?  The good news is, there are still some things you can control and do right now to ensure that your dream wedding or honeymoon still happens, maybe even better than before, even if you have had to hit the reset button!

So with that said, if you have had to postpone your wedding or honeymoon, or it’s looking like you will, then here are some things you can do right now to keep moving forward in your planning!


1. Get the Best Advice Possible

If you haven’t already, make sure that you are getting the best advice possible so that you can make an informed decision about when to rebook or book your destination wedding or honeymoon.  If you were working with a destination wedding & honeymoon planner, you should contact them right away to figure out all of your options! If you are working with a good planner, they will keep you in the loop as to what the latest travel information is and when the best time to book or rebook your wedding and honeymoon is probably going to be.


2. Reschedule, Don’t Cancel!

Many couples will panic and cancel, but you don’t need to panic! The regulations will eventually lift, and people will be allowed to gather & travel again! Most travel planners are able to get new dates booked for your destination wedding or honeymoon without losing any money. Also, you have to remember that nowadays, a honeymoon doesn’t have to be right on the heels of your wedding. Taking a honeymoon within the first year of getting married is absolutely acceptable and many couples were already doing this anyway, even before the COVID-19 crisis.


3. You May Want to Hire a Specialist

If you booked your honeymoon or destination wedding with an online travel agency, you may not be getting the service you deserve or any service at all!  If you are not getting good service, then you may want to cancel and re-book with an actual destination wedding or honeymoon planner who will be there for you when you need them.  Believe me, peace of mind is always worth more than saving a few pennies!


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4. Resorts and Tour Companies Are Helping

Most reputable resorts & tour companies are more than willing to help you rebook for future dates, and some are even getting flexible with their payment plans & deadlines.  Again, you will want to touch base with your travel planner, if you have one, or feel free to reach out to me with any questions about rebooking or dates to book.

 5. Take advantage of the deals that are going on right now

As you can imagine, resorts & tour companies are hurting,  as they have lost countless numbers of trips and income.  In an effort to keep the cash flow coming in, resorts & airlines are slashing rates during this time to get you on the books now for your future dates.  I am happy to look into future dates for you if you need it.

The bottom line, is we all hope travel will be back to normal soon.  Once it does, you can expect prices to rise, and they could get high, because of supply vs. demand.  Getting in on the good deals now, and booking into late 2020 or wait until 2021.  I don’t recommend waiting too long, because future dates are booking up and once the travel ban is lifted, it could be difficult to get the dates & the rates you want.

Just know that it will be safe to travel again, and life will get back to some type of new normal.  You will still have your dream honeymoon and destination wedding.

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