In the world of wedding planning & design, it’s important for wedding vendors to keep up with the latest styles and trends. Learn why wedding styled shoots are important for vendors to inspire couples for their big day. 

The Importance of Styled Shoots

As stated before, it’s important for wedding vendors to keep up with the latest styles and trends, not just the color of the year.  Maybe there is a big hit in the industry such as staircase florals or floating cake installations, or possibly there’s a new trend in wedding ceremonies.  There is always something new for us to keep up with, most of these trends are gorgeous, and some well in my personal opinion a little far out there!

If you are currently in the throws of scouring Pinterest and Instagram for design inspiration for your wedding day, you may come across a lot of these styled, editorial shoots.  These creative days are for the most part voluntary, it’s where vendors come together and contribute their time and skills to replicate a wedding day.  Each wedding vendor has an important role in the final product.  We stretch our creative muscles and hope that the final photos are a source of inspiration for our potential couples.  

The Joy it Brings

Most wedding professionals love to do styled shoots, at least now and then.  One of the reasons is that it gives us full creative freedom.  As much as we love designing and creating for our couples, with styled shoots we can scratch that itch, and test the waters so to speak and even design something we have always wanted to.

Earlier this year, myself and a creative wedding team from Charlotte NC, got together to create 3 different table designs, to appeal to different tastes in style.  We understand that not everyone likes the same thing, some couples prefer a more classic elegant look, some full of vibrancy and color, so naturally, this gave us a great challenge to be appealing to all!


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Inspiration for all Budgets

Most styled shoots include one table of design.  On this day in particular, table designs were our main focus.  Understandably, replicating one table into 20 for your guests could be costly for most.  But, if you took one piece of inspiration, whether it be the centerpieces or flatware and implemented it into your wedding, this could still make a big difference to your overall look.

So, keep getting that dose of inspiration.  Talk to your wedding vendors about your design ideas, and see what you can plan together, we are here for you! 

We hope you like our designs and feel inspired!


Styling & Design – The Whimsical Rose | Photography – Ashley Boyan Photography | Table Decor & Linens – CE Rental of Charlotte |Showroom & Furniture – Old South Vintage Rentals | Flowers – Weddings with Barbara | Menu’s – Delighted Calligraphy


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