The Whimsical Rose offers Travel Service to all clients, these services are also included in the Full Service Destination Wedding Package.  You don't have to be getting married though to benefit from these services, perhaps you are planning a honeymoon, or a special proposal trip or even a romantic getaway, this is where I can help.


My travel career began in college where I studied Leisure & Tourism in England, I also worked for the British Tourist board for two years before I started my adventure in the USA.  My travel experience didn't stop there though, for 11 years I was a a Flight Attendant for American Airlines, that in itself gave me a lot of knowledge of how airlines operate, how to travel and needless to say opened the world to me.


I hope with my experience and knowledge I can be of service and comfort to you which sometimes can be a confusing task.  If you are interested about learning more about a certain trip, please fill out the inquiry form below, we can start somewhere and all travel consultations are free.  Once committed to the process I charge a nominal fee of $100 for my time to explore the best trip possible for you, that's it!

If you're ready to get started planning your dream getaway, please fill out the short form below. This form will help me to get a better understanding of the type of trip you’re interested in and where

you are in the planning process.

Please note that there is a small fee of $100 for customized trip planning.  

If you’re interested in hotel only bookings, please email