With so many details involved in planning your idyllic soiree, it is easy to get caught up in all the options and opinions and veer from your true self and style.  Once all the details have been selected and every flower is in place, your guests will be able to walk into your event and see all the stylish details that make you, you.  After all, it is your wedding – you and your fiancé’s style should shine!



Start small with what inspires you

Grab a hot cup of coffee, or a glass of wine, snuggle up on your sofa, and start seeking wedding inspiration.  A cozy and relaxing environment will set the tone for the planning process.  Start by creating an inspiration board of colors, flowers, and styles that truly make you happy and speak to the vision of your day.  This could be as simple as a few coordinating colors, quotes, or gowns that make you feel the way you will want to feel the day of when you see all the details come together.




Organize your ideas for vendor meetings

When it comes to meeting with your vendors, it is good to be prepared with an overall idea of how you see your wedding.  You don’t have to have every detail in place, but having an overall style will allow them to work around your details without them throwing different style ideas your way and overwhelming you.  Starting off the meeting with your ideas will put you at ease and give your vendors a solid foundation to work upon to make your wedding vision come to life!





Rely on the way the dress makes you feel!

The selection of your wedding dress may be the most bridal aspect of the planning process.  It is feminine and fun and should be a staple of your personal style.  Research styles and silhouettes of dresses that make you feel the way you want to feel on your wedding day.  Your bridal stylist will be able to pull dresses from multiple designers to achieve the look you are looking for. Also, be mindful of your feelings when trying on gowns.  Instead of making your final dress decision on the emotions and reactions of your family and friends, make the decision by how you feel in the gown and if you can see it incorporating well into your entire wedding theme.



Combine your style with your partner’s style

It can sometimes be hard to merge different styles and ideas, but it isn’t impossible and can actually be quite beautiful.  Coordinate with your partner to develop a cohesive style together.  This could be creating a color palette together or your groom selecting his groom’s cake design. There is something special in seeing two people’s personal styles come together to create a beautifully designed event.



All in the details

Your style can be reflected in many aspects of your wedding design, not only the big ones such as: the venue, the dress, and the cake.  Whether it is a signature scent or delicate heirloom passed down from generations prior, small details can say a lot about your style and personality.  Whatever details you and your partner decide on, have fun with it and take in all the moments that surround your big day!

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